Having a car as a rent can be a cheap avenue to acquire a car. However, you should remember that you have to pay the entire value of the car, if it is damaged under your custody. This is the reason why you should seriously think about limiting your financial risks. The reason why you should buy a collision damage waiver (CDW) is to protect you from the financial liability occurring due to the car damage. Nowadays, there are many companies to offer car rentals. You can save more money on car rentals by using some smart techniques, which are provided in this link – www.cntraveler.com/story/how-to-rent-a-car-and-avoid-extra-fees.

You can buy a CDW from your car rental company. Keep in mind that this is not an insurance but a waiver. By buying a CDW, the car rental company does not have the right to demand the money to cover the damage. The cost of CDW may vary from company to company. Some car rental company charges $10-30 per day. Sometimes, you may even find the CDW cheaper than the total damage cost. Though some people find the CDW expensive, they still go for it because it offers a great deal of peace of mind.

Some car rental companies will include CDW in the rental cost. In such case, you do not need to buy CDW separately. So, do not forget to ask your prospective car rental company whether CDW is included in the rental cost or not.

The basic CDW offered by most car rental companies does not minimize. Some companies offer super CDW or enhanced CDW, which can eliminate the deductibles. However, the enhanced CDW is expensive than basic one.

There are also many credit cards that cover for collision damage. You need to check whether your credit card offers CDW. If yes, then you do not need to buy a CDW from other car rental company. However, there are few things to keep in mind when considering the credit-card CDW. Remember that dealing with credit-card CDW may not be easy as with the car rental CDW. This is because credit card company will have lots of procedure to claim the cover. Moreover, you should also find out the maximum liability of the credit card CDW. If the maximum liability is too low, then you may need to pay the damage expense from your own pocket. It is also important to understand terms and conditions of credit-card CDW.

Though you have excellent driving skills, it is hard to guarantee that your car will not meet with an accident and crash. Other drivers on the road can bump on your car cause significant damage. With CDW, you can save the money on repairing the damaged rental car. With CDW, you can enjoy more peace of mind with a rental car.

It is easier to get CDW than usual insurance. You can buy a one from your car rental company or from other providers. Nowadays, you can obtain this waiver online too. By browsing the Internet for few minutes, you will be able to find the right provider.