Web Designer vs Web Developer

The web designer is the most common term used to refer to people who deal with websites. People outside the web industry are most familiar with the term web designer. They use web designing and web development interchangeably without understanding its underlying meaning. Though the web designer is a generalized term, it would not help people in the industry to explain about your profession. Web designing and web development are two different terms with different meanings. Thus people who are about to take up a profession in the web industry must be aware of the differences between a web designer and a web developer. In this article, you would know about the unique differences between the two terms. Reviews on the Internet would help to choose the right professional web designer and web developer for building a website for your business.

Web Designer
Web designer plays an important part in building a website. It is basically nothing but professionals who are in control of the visual design of a website. They are responsible for designing the front-end of a website. The look of a website or user interface design is designed by professional web designers. They make use of several web designing and graphical tools for building an attractive and interactive website design. Web designers focus their design on various features like usability, intuitive and interactive.

Web Developer
A web developer is responsible for both front end and back end development of a website. Even though the front end is designed by a web designer, it is a web developer who builds code for the same. They make use of scripting languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc for building the front end design of websites. Web developers are mainly involved in back end development and it requires advanced programming skills. The website functionality is built with the help of a web developer. They develop coding that interacts with databases, or third party payment websites for online shopping. CGI and PHP scripting languages are mainly used by web developers for building a complete and functional website.

Choosing Between Web Designer and Web Developer
When you’re about to build a website, you must hire professionals for building your website. You would be confused about choosing a web designer or web developer. One must be very clear that a website requires equal participation of both web designers and web developers. This is because web designers exhibit their creativity in designing websites which are attractive and usable. Whereas web developers come up with their logical thinking and develop websites that are functional.

It is also to be noted that you cannot build a good website when you hire either of the above web professionals. A web designer cannot take up a web development job. In the same way as a web developer cannot excel in web designing. Thus make sure that you hire a web designer for the visual interface part of your website and a web developer for developing the functionalities of your website.

The above lists some of the notable differences between web developers and web design.

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